Monday, October 19, 2015

Screen Printing at Home

I love cute t-shirts and used a fantastic at-home kit a few years ago from EZ Screen Print ( Their instructional videos are great and very easy to follow, so I finally got down to it and started my shirts. The most difficult process of this is having a clear, sunny day when you can burn the print. Really, I only have weekends for this, and while sunny days aren't hard to find, we have so much forest fire smoke in the summer that I waited until October to get my prints made. I only had a couple to make for myself, so the majority were for my mom. Step 1 involves printing your design on a transparency. Step 2 is burning it, Step 3 putting ink on, and Step 4 ironing. Yes, there are other logistics in between, but that's the majority of the process! Since I made so many small designs, there were little marks of ink in the wrong place, but that's my fault. I also didn't have great cardboard under it, so the designs would normally be even more slick.


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