Monday, May 11, 2015

April BarkBox


This is our last BarkBox for the time-being. While it’s been a good run, we have a lot of toys now and we were hoping that there would be more useful items instead of toys and treats. I also noticed “after the fact” that last month’s box had treats which chicken fat in them, but Gracie is allergic and I didn’t pay close enough attention to the 10th ingredient on her treats and she was sensitive to them, so they had to be trashed. This month was good, but again, not great. We actually did take advantage of “Scout’s Honor” for the first time and asked for something to replace the purple toy that isn’t something Gracie would get much use out of. We ended up with some really great banana chips. I would have liked a Gulpy or something, but that wasn’t an option.

April box

Etta Says Duck Chew ($3)- Gracie loves these and will probably get it tonight

Your Dog’s Diner Pizza Pawty Crust ($7)- This is a great item and includes ingredients that you would find in human pizza crust! They smell great and were a really good size for a lab.

Hueter Toldedo Gripper ($9)- This is the toy that we asked for a replacement because Gracie either likes to cart around stuffies, or play tug-o-war, which this doesn’t work for.

Sojo’s Simply Lamb ($10)- We’re excited to try this once her banana chips run out since I figured those were more time-sensitive.

Kyjen Tuff Guys Mat ($10)- Gracie enjoyed this and it was a cute toy.

Overall, this was a good end to our subscription because it wasn’t good enough to make us regret ending it, but it was still valuable.

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