Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Smiley360 Mission: Randoms

20150318_165744I had the opportunity to try a new product through my favorite sampling site, smiley360. I’ve had a few missions from this company before and have found some really great products. I’ve bought a Arm & Hammer Spinbrush for Cole so we can match and don’t even know how many Tazo chai’s I’ve purchased since finding them. The simple chai is similar to Oregon Chai, but Tazo had a chocolate chai that is everything. Everything.

Anyway, this mission was to try out a new product from Wonka called Randoms. As the mission states, “Get ready to try a sweet new treat with Randoms®, a fantastically random gummy candy treats. Randoms® comes in 70 different shapes, 7 fruit flavors, and 3 gummy candy textures – variety like never before! They’re all mixed up so you never know what you’ll find next in your Randoms® bag!”

20150406_115146I enjoy fruit snacks, which is essentially what these are, so I thought they would be great test since I’m not obsessed with them, but still like snacking on them. Now, to the review. I didn’t love these. There are a few reasons why:

1. The texture is too soft. I like texture where when I bite into gummies, it leaves obvious teeth prints. With these, you bite into it them and they squish with your teeth. A little thicker would have been great.

2. I couldn’t differentiate taste. I could tell the difference between yellow and redish, but have no idea what the flavors were.

3. The ones with color and white are weird. I couldn’t tell you what these flavors were. They just had a little juice flavor and looked weird.

20150406_11532820150406_1152594. Some of them have liquid centers. As a child I don’t know if this would make a huge difference for me, but as an adult, I didn’t love it. The texture of this center was very weird and was pretty much a liquefied gummy. What might have been neat is if these centers were sour. I can imagine kids would like that.


So overall, I wouldn’t buy these again, but I would definitely eat them if someone brought them. They are pretty cool to look at all the different designs and they are pretty clearly made so I could figure out what each item was. I think my biggest issue was the confusing flavors. Oh, also, I LOVED that these came in a resealable bag. That actually might make me purchase them if I needed something for a roadtrip.