Thursday, April 24, 2014

Paper Pom-Poms

After the most recent baby shower, I have a new go-to for decorations. These tissue paper pom-poms are so incredibly easy and make the perfect additions. Since they only require tissue paper (cheap), ribbon, and scissors, they couldn’t be easier. The hardest part was probably separating the tissue at the end to make the shape.


I started with 8 sheets of tissue (the more tissue you use, the thicker the pom). Fold the paper on the shorter side accordion style at about 1 inch. If you fold it on the longer side you will end up with a floppy pom pom. Which is ugly. I made 2. Sad smileOnce it is folded, you attempt to tie a long piece of ribbon in the middle. Don’t tie it too tight or you won’t be able to puff it up. Then, cut the edges of the tissue rounded or such nonsense. Begin separating the tissue until you have these beauties.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Classy Baby Boy Shower

As seen on this post, a good friend is due April 30th, 2014. In celebration, I put together a baby shower for her a little over a month before her due date. She likes things simple and classy, so the decorating was fairly simple.

Since we live about 15 minutes from town, I made orange arrows with her last name to direct people from the main road, all the way to our house. There were 4 arrows total, but people still got lost. There’s really no helping when people insist on using their GPS instead of arrows.



The food was a little more difficult since she is gluten-free and I was expecting 30 people. I don’t even know how to plan to feed 30 people! It turned out perfect, though. I did chicken meatballs (with a gf version for my friend), 3 containers of spinach artichoke dip with bread, Hawaiian mac salad, 2 batches of pear pastries, macarons, cream cheese mints, and shirley temples.


Someone decided that with this much good food, he needed to take advantage of it and sneak some.


He was caught in the act many times.


This is what 30 people looks like in my house. It worked out great, which was good because it was very windy outside, which didn’t allow for outdoor seating. Momma-to-be had a great time and all of the presents were super cute.


Another successful party for a great friend.