Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday Thoughts




  1. NARS- I can’t believe that they sent so many samples. From what I remember, this was supposed to be a sample of their radiant cream compact foundation.* They were doing a 20 days, 20 shades special and only gave away 100 samples a day. Luckily, the day that I submitted my form was a shade close to my own. Little did I know that they would send me 2 similar shades and a sample of their primer. I am beyond excited for this. The hand-written note in the sample stated that it was sample 93 or 100, so it was a good day for me. I could see switching to this when my Urban Decay Naked foundation is out.
  2. Fekkai- I really like my Fekkai glossing cream so this shampoo, conditioner combo* was something I wanted to try. I will put it in my shower to use when I ‘m going to be blow-drying and styling my hair.IMG_3540
  3. Herbal Essences Body Burst- I’ve always liked Herbal Essences, but can typically only handle it in small amounts. Their travel-size washes are my favorite. P&G always has great samples.*
  4. Scotch Expressions*- Not a huge fan of the style. It’s probably my least favorite of all of the styles, which seems to be what happens with free samples. However, it is extremely generous of 3M to give out full-size samples.IMG_3545
  5. ZarBee’s Natural Seasonal Relief*- I totally caved on a day that I was having horrible allergies and requested a sample of this. Now I am just regretting that I won’t have a chance to use it until Spring. They included two tablets and recommend that you just take one, so I will at least have a couple changes to see if they
  6. Nature’s Bounty*- I think my new favorite samples are plastic drink bottles. I absolutely love the one I have from Rav4 and HSN, so this gorgeous one from Nature’s Bounty is just as good. It might look a little bit like a baby bottle, but who cares.IMG_3406
  7. Centrum Flavor Burst*- I will request these every single time they come up. They are so good!
  8. Scotch-Brite Wipes*- I don’t know that I will use these instead of Lysol wipes. I’m actually going to try making my own wipes soon, so we will see how that goes.IMG_3410
  9. Ace Bandage*- SO excited for this. This was a first 10k to get it, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to get one. It will definitely be used and I don’t know that I will ever switch from Ace.IMG_3543
  10. Goodies Box- There was a code for a free trial box with $1 shipping, so I decided to give it a go. This is a snack box essentially by Wal-Mart. The subscription is only $7 a month, free shipping, so I might go for another month. I couldn’t be happier with my box. I read a review before getting my box, so I had a good idea of what would be in mine, and I wasn’t very impressed. Upon opening my box, I instantly saw the olives instead of black licorice like others had gotten, which made the entire thing worth it. Olives are probably my #1 favorite food, and these were so good.
    1. They were Mario Snack Olives in sea salt and were very, very good.
    2. I would totally buy these. I gave Cole the Zone Perfect Greek Yogurt Chocolate Bar, knowing that it would be good and
    3. the Bare Fruit Crunchy Fiji Red Apple Chips, because you can’t go wrong with these.
    4. There was also Attiki Honey - Thyme by MJM Distributors, which is just honey, so nothing special there.
    5. What I wasn’t expecting was the absolute yumminess that was Kashi Sundried Tomato Basil & Feta Hummus Chips. These were wonderful and I would actively look for them in the store.
    6. Also surprising was the Pure Life Splash – Acai Grape, which tastes just like grape juice. I even drank it at room temperature and it was wonderful.
    7. Now, about the Savory Garden Tea by Numi Teas…what in the world? No, just no. I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt, thinking that it would be like a broth. It was similar, but disgusting because it is watered down and not remotely hearty. At least I received Spinach Chive instead of Broccoli Cilantro or Tomato Mint. I don’t even think I would use this in a pot of boiling rice. No.IMG_3544
  • A new baby in the friend-family. Cambria Comstock made her appearance on Tuesday. September 17 and is super cute.IMG959188
  • I finished my onesies! Finally!!! I had to sadly give away four more on Sunday to a friend who is having a baby, but I guess that is the point of them. Here are the last ones:
    • This one is on the back of my Snow White one.IMG_3527IMG_3528
    • Hercules- one of my favorites.


    • Little Mermaid
    • IMG_3531IMG_3532
    • Aladdin
    • IMG_3538IMG_3539
    • 101 Dalmatians
    • IMG_3533IMG_3534
    • Cinderella


*These items were received as free samples to evaluate.