Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thrifty Thursday


It all started with a post on Pinstrosity. Cute little Minimalist Disney Onesies. With so many friends having babies right now, what better way to personalize my present than onesies?

I got all of the supplies:

Minimalist Pictures (I used some from Pinstrosity and googled the rest)
Heat N' Bond Iron-On

I bought the fabric at Wal-Mart where I found them in the reject clippings and started with cheap, white Gerber onesies, which still cost about $2.93 a piece. I went for 3-6 month and 6-9 month for a range. While I originally bought 10, I realized that once I got started it would go easy since everything was laid out, so I went back on Amazon and found these. Disney Cuddly Bodysuits for $2 a piece!!! I immediately purchased 3 different packs of 4.


They just look like they will have so much more potential than the boring white ones.

The entire process was a huge pain to set up, but it was definitely worth it once I got on a roll. Turns out I ended up ordering another 2 sets of 4 Disney onesies because I ended up having so many extra iron-ons.


Total, I will have 30 onesies for $78.20 (all supplies included). Comes out to $2.61 per onesie. The price would have been less if I wouldn’t have wasted $9.30 on the white ones instead of Disney awesomeness. Not bad at all! I am tempted to keep them all for myself.

To start, I found all of the Disney minimalist pictures that I was interested in. I sized them on a normal 8.5 x 11 paper and could fit about 2-3 to a page.

I then separated the pictures by colors I needed to cut out first and traced the piece I wanted to cut out. I did this color by color. Probably not the best way since once I traced it onto the paper, I ironed it to the fabric, then turned off the iron until I was ready with the next color. I should have done what Pinstrosity did and traced each item onto the paper and put them with their colors to iron all at once. Oh well.

Next, I lined up all of the pieces and ironed them onto the onesies. I definitely had my favorites, like the Tangled one. So cute. It’s also fun to see if people can guess which movie they are. I still have others to complete like Aladdin, Little Mermaid, 101 Dalmatians Cinderella, Cars, and so on.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thrifty Thursday


Pinterest is so much easier when you have someone in the house who is very good with a tablesaw and is also a perfectionist. I saw this trivet on Pinterest and had it on my list to complete at some time. Since my counters are Corian, i.e. useless, I needed a large area to set hot things. My mom selflessly supplied all of the corks, which were beautifully varied.


Wood pieces
Hot glue gun
Wood stain
Felt pads or rubber dots


  1. Arrange corks to size desired and measure for frame pieces.
  2. Cut wood to size, notch insides for backing to slide in, and nail together. (Turns out it would have been easier to buy a frame.)
  3. Use hot glue to attach the corks to the base.
  4. Attach felt pads to the bottom of the base so it doesn’t scratch your counter.

After asking Cole to simply make the frame from spare wood, he ended up sanding the backs of the corks and cutting them to size when he was annoyed that I simply planned to glue them on as they were.

IMG_3374Three coats of sanding and staining later, I am beyond happy with the result.

Untitled-1August 11th was our anniversary, which we celebrated with absolutely no fanfare. I did make sure to take a picture of us, which Cole insisted having his welding helmet in as I had interrupted him.


IMG_3379I also tried a new tradition a friend had mentioned of taking a picture in my wedding dress since it hasn’t been opened since my wedding. It wasn’t a huge success since all Gracie wanted to do was lay on the train. I finally decided to amuse her by jumping on the bed together, which she loved, so at least the event wasn’t a total flop.

Cole and I did take a 4-day weekend for a road trip to Lake Tahoe. It featured sleeping in the back of my car in the middle of nowhere, spending the night in a motel where we wore shoes in the shower, and going to a lake with leaches. Overall, it was fantastic and I’m so glad we were able to spend the time together. What’s a trip without memories? On that note, this is the best camping item ever invented.


Gracie received her free Happy Dog box (only paid shipping) and she liked it, but she didn’t love it for $30 a month. She didn’t think it was that much better than BarkBox. She doesn’t know it yet, but I let her BarkBox subscription expire. $19 a month isn’t bad, but when offers on Groupon are $10 a month for NEW customers, it’s a little discouraging to be a long-standing customer. I think she’ll survive.


IMG_3405And here she is being a total creeper. I placed an order through Twice and loved the site so much more than ThredUp, but all five of the items were terrible on me. It was weird because TU doesn’t give any information about measurements and their clothes are simply photographed on the floor, but even with the very thorough info on Twice’s site, each item was very weird fitting. I also found that they only take higher brand name items, so they are more expensive. Oddly enough, I felt like the items from Twice also seemed more worn out and none of them felt new, which TU is great with. Overall, I would probably order from Twice again if I found something I couldn’t live without because their return policy can’t be beat. Pretty worth it if I was able to find something amazing.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Things. I. Love.

I posted about 2 weeks ago with the sandals that I had ordered online after seeing them on Pinterest. I am happy to report that they are gorgeous. The heel on them is a little weird, but it’s not causing any issues. Unfortunately, I have been working at my desk nonstop since I received them, so they haven’t received as much adoration from the public as they would like, but they are still so pretty. They are definitely one size small from normal, but I am a 7.5-8 and ordered an 8 and an 8.5, which both fit fine (teal is 8, peach is 8.5 in pic below). They are currently on sale for $12.99!!!


IMG_3350In terms of apparently being on a teal-bender, I also got headbands in hopes that I would be able to spice up my hairstyles without actually having to do my hair in the morning. They are cute, but I think my head is too ball shaped to keep them from constantly sliding off.

In beauty terms, I also got these items I have been watching. A dry shampoo for dark hair that I am excited to try, heat protection spray for using hot tools, a Topsy Tail, which I have wanted since I was about 13, and other random items I’ve wanted to try.


Freebies! I’ve had a few freebies in the last couple weeks that were pretty typical, but I am beyond excited for the cup from Rav4 and HSN. I feel even better about it because I didn’t just order it because it was free, I actually own a Rav4 that I love, so I didn’t feel like I was taking advantage of their freebie.


We finally got chairs for our bar! Cole was proactive and looked on Craigslist for stools before we headed to Medford yesterday and found these beauties. I probably wouldn’t have picked them out at the store, but they are actually pretty great for the room and incredibly comfortable. I feel like the living level of our house is actually complete after a year of living there!


Now to my favorite part of this segment. I just cannot say enough good things about ThredUp (referral: get $10 when using this link). I feel as though I never should have bought anything except through them. Here is my latest invoice:


To break it down, I have no idea what the tiny flaws are. I have looked over each item listed that way and cannot find a single issue. I don’t even order from them with that in mind because it never matters.

  • Old Navy Linen Pant (top left of picture, khaki)- I bought these in hope that they would be similar to my favorite pair from Aeropostale that I destroyed a year ago. I knew the quality wouldn’t be the same, but the fit is great and they are light-weight enough to wear on a warm day to keep the bugs off.
  • Express Tunic, 3/4 Sleeve (Tiny Flaw) (second in from top left, peach)- So soft. The fit is great and the color is beautiful.
  • Banana Republic Blouse, Short Sleeve (second up from bottom right, maroon)- Very cute and will be a perfect work top. It even included a tank top for under it.
  • Victoria's Secret Tank Top (New With Tags) (top right corner: “Sexy Little Bride”)- I bought this because it had tags and I plan on giving it to a friend who decides to get married. These babies are pricey but so stinking cute for a bride.
  • American Eagle Tank Top (New With Tags) (middle of left side, pink)- I love these tanks and just couldn’t resist. I was going to use it as a present, but had to keep it for myself.
  • The Limited Pants (middle, gray)- These are great. I have 4 pairs of gray pants now because I have no control, so I might send them back if none of my friends claim them.
  • Express Dress Shorts (Tiny Flaw) (bottom left, black)- These are cute. I knew I wanted Bermuda shorts for dressy shorts, but I’m not sure they are my style. I’ll have to wait until my mom comes to do a fashion show.
  • Express Khakis (bottom right, khaki)- These are absolutely beautiful. I also bought these in hopes of replacing the favorite Aero ones, but sadly, they are a size too big. I cannot figure out how Express sizes their items since they are the same as the shorts, which fit perfect. My mom has already claimed these beauties.
  • Moda International Casual Skirt (not pictured above, bottom right, second in on pic below)- This is a stretchy gray, long skirt that you commonly find on pregnant women. It turns out they wear them because they are the most comfortable things ever made. Kinda like Uggs. Who cares what they look like, they are amazing and I will be finding more.

Now, I was very confused by my invoice as it lists two items as refunded. This was very sad because I wanted the Theory dress pants so bad. Can you imagine how $275 dress pants would feel?? Well, I was very curious to know also, so I jumped at the chance to get these. Then I see that they refunded me for them. I was thinking that since they have so much stock, they probably realized that the items weren’t there when they went to pull them so they refunded them. Upon receiving my order last night, I fell even more in love with the company:

  • Banana Republic Khaki Short (Tiny Flaw) (bottom middle, white)- Perfect fit- included because they seem to be too flawed for the company to charge me for them. I cannot find the flaw! So I have free shorts now.
  • Theory Dress Pants (Tiny Flaw) (not pictured above, bottom right of pic below)- These are cream colored and while I will never in my life purchase pants for $275, they feel like you are wearing $275 worth of fabric. The fit is incredible, the color is beautiful, the feel is like butter. The flaw? I think it might be that the button us coming loose?! Thank goodness for ThredUp’s high standards that allowed me to have these pants for free.

Overall, there might be one or two items that I will return just because I feel like I don’t need that many clothes, not because they don’t fit. Even the one item that doesn’t fit I will either save for if I fit into them later, or give them to my mom. Once again, there is nothing better than when that beautiful blue dot box arrives at my house (4 business days after ordering…with free shipping…I might note!)


So what am I wearing today?? The peach sandals, gray skirt, and peach top, or course. Winking smile