Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top 10 Tuesday


1. Going to get a spray tan today. Not so sure how it’s going to work out but I have no interest in trying to apply tanner to my face, so I’ll give it a go! Here’s to hoping for no orange or weird streaks.

2. My new picture frames for my bedroom look perfect. The pictures were too rustic looking for my typical black frames so Cole made these out of old barn wood from his parent’s land.


3. Mason soap jars! This was actually much easier than the original website since I used a nail and hammer to make the original hole in the lid and simply cut the plastic dispenser with a box cutter. I plan to eventually stain the inside and paint the lid, but I love them so far! I knew there was a reason to keep my empty dispensers.


4. BarkBox for July. These always ship on the 15th of the month and since they come from NY, they typically take two weeks. This month actually arrived just 5 business days after shipping! We were beyond excited and if we decide to take Gracie with us to Ochoco this weekend, I’ll be taking some of these items. I cheated and read Ramblings of a Suburban Mom’s review, but she has much smaller dogs than Gracie, so I knew it would be a little different. Her review did make me a little anxious since her No Grainers Soft Chews were chicken flavor and Gracie is allergic. I’ve put this in my BarkBox info, and happily, they sent us beef.

IMG_3341The safemade for BarkBox flexi-bowl is cute, but I don’t know that we will use it since we got saddled with this collapsible bowl. I wish we didn’t have that one since this one is cuter.

The green toy is a Wigzi pocket bone and smells incredible. It’s a little intimidating to first sniff a dog toy, but this one is downright lickable. There are pockets for treats, it floats, and it’s dishwasher safe. We will be taking it if Grace decides to go this weekend. On the topic of yummy things, I want to try one of the Max & Ruffy’s Natural Organic Treats for Dogs. Banana and Coconut? Yes, please!

Tender Stikz did include a chicken flavor, but there was also another beef one I think that only lasted long enough for me to open it. Grace will have to give the chicken to her cousin.

After reading Jen’s post, I couldn’t wait for Mr. Barksmith’s Smoothies for Dogs. Gracie loves these and I buy them at the store whenever I remember. It immediately went in the freezer and I’ll probably give it to her this afternoon.

5. I was wondering if I wanted to continue my BarkBox subscription…I’m up for a 6 month renewal on August 3. I just ordered a Happy Dog Box to try out since they have a special where you just pay shipping for your first box. I think it’s $30 a month, which is more than my $18 for BarkBox, but we’ll see what it includes.

6. Sara posted a deal about a week ago for MailChimp to play a quick puzzle and get a surprise gift. Imagine my surprise when this came so fast. For an email service, I can’t believe what cute packaging they have! The box will be saved for Christmas while my nephew will love the chimp.


7. I still haven’t received my Thredup.com bag payout. I sent in items about a month and a half ago. I received this email a couple weeks ago:

I just wanted to send you a quick note and deeply apologize that it has taken us a little longer to process your thredUP bag than we had hoped. You can still expect to receive your payout by Sunday, July 21st.

I haven’t gotten anything. Their only method of communication is an email address, so there’s no quick response. I would have just taken my clothes to Goodwill otherwise, so any return is more than I would have gotten, so I’m not terribly annoyed, I’d just like to cross it off my list of things to watch.

8. I’m terrified and incredibly excited to have ordered these sandals last week. They are from a site I don’t know of, but research showed that it was legit. I’m terrified because they posted that they were typically a size too small, so I had to order out of my comfort zone. They get here on Monday, so here’s to hoping. If they work, they might be my favorite things of the year.

Jeweled and Woven Scarf Thong Sandal - Teal

9. I also stepped out of my comfort zone and ordered these shorts. I only have one pair of denim shorts and have been too lazy to want to make these as a pinterest project. I couldn’t find anything about reviews on sizing, so I went with their sizing chart, which was spot on to my sizing, but probably not accurate with their different brands. Confused smile

10. Cole was sent to a wildfire last night that was threatening 100 homes. I had a moment of panic thinking about the Colorado fires. Luckily, the fire was contained and he came home quickly. Now to get our own house more fire resistant with the surrounding woods.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top 10 Tuesday


1. I received two checks in the mail yesterday. One was for my Step-Up shoes rebate (some lawsuit where someone thought they actually would make you a model) in the amount of $34.43, which is exciting because they are still the most comfortable shoes ever. The other check was for $90 from P&G. For the life of me, I could not think of what this was for, especially since it didn’t say rebate, it said that they were sorry I had problems and they would forward my feedback to Customer Service. I generally keep track of all items that I’m waiting for large amounts of money on, and even after Googling it, I could only find the $15 rebate for $75 purchased, which I already received. After coming to work this morning, it finally hit me; it was for my California Natural dog food that was recalled! I am incredibly excited that they did the right thing by refunding me two bags of food- but I’m not excited enough to start trusting them again after two recalls, one right after the other, for salmonella. Anyway, I obviously didn’t recognize it because I forgot P&G had bought them out…which is right about the time they started having quality issues…I still love P&G products, just not for my baby girl.

2. L’Oreal BB Cream. I tried my second day of this today and I love it. I cannot figure out how it works though. The cream comes out white with little specks, and then immediately turns into coverage when applied to your face. It’s pure magic, which is the name of it. I’ll have to check again when I get home, but I think the color I had in my sample was Medium, which is a little too dark for me, but for $8, I am jumping on the BB cream bandwagon.


3. I finally made my way through my horse pill size calcium supplements, which means I get to move on to my incredibly yummy gummy ones. Sooo good.

4. Considering that this hummingbird feeder isn’t the most eye-pleasing with its plastic flowers, I wasn’t sure I wanted to buy it, but the reviews were so good that I figured they were doing something right. Turns out everyone was correct, hummingbirds are going crazy over it. I’ve already had to fill it up after about a week. I might get a second, more eye-pleasing one, but this definitely fits the bill right now.

5. These little spin pins are fantastic. I read about them on a blog and decided to put them on my list to purchase at some point and then treated myself to them for my birthday. They are wonderful. I actually don’t even put my hair into a ponytail before using them. I basically bunch my hair on top of my head and start spinning them in. Even Cole is amazed by this genius invention.


6. The oil cleansing method. This is the only way that I do things these days. I tried this method about 2 months ago with Castor oil, Grapeseed oil, and Jojoba oil and I love it. I was using expensive, prescription face wash and creams before, which would completely dry out my face and make things just as annoying as having acne. The oil method feels incredible, is cheap, and is very easy to customize. I’ll probably keep changing the types I use, but I love it.

7. My new, giant burner. After dealing with ordering a new burner three different times, we installed the new middle one and it works! It does take half an hour to boil water…not kidding…but it’s a wonderful way to cook 2 chicken breasts.


8. My hair is getting almost unmanageably long. While it’s helping to tame the frizz and curls, the ends are not happy. Since my hair grows at the pace of a snail, the ends are probably about 10 years old and they are showing it. Going to the hairdresser at the end of this month.


9. Just a picture of my momma and I painting glasses, which didn’t work. I’ve been trying to find a place to use this picture for about 4 months, so this seems like a good time.


10. My friends.


Monday, July 15, 2013

I’m Addicted to Mail

I love getting things in the mail. I love it more than going shopping at stores because each item is like a present. Whether it’s a freebie or something I paid for, it all makes me happy.
IMG_3011Getting a package in the mail is one thing, but when it’s beautifully wrapped, that just makes things all the better. Crate & Barrel is so wonderful looking that I kept all of the packaging, just hoping that I will be able to recreate it again. Not only did I get the super cute glasses and plates, but my Excedrin freebie came! I have been anxiously awaiting this coming back on the market as it’s a miracle worker, so this shipment could not have been better.
IMG_3124Ahhh, Influenster, you are a great creation. What could be better than a site that will send you free items to check out that are perfectly geared towards you? They are also the perfect size to actually be able to see results. My favorite from the #SpringVoxBox, and completely unexpected item from this would have to be the Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS Dust It. This product is so great and nothing that I would have purchased or could make myself. The theory behind this is that “it is a multi purpose mattifying powder that adds incredible root lift, texture and control.” I like to think of it as a teasing powder. I’ve made my own dry shampoo, but this is so much better. It adds the perfect lift; the only downside is that it’s white, so it’s a little more time-intensive with dark hair…and that it costs $23.50, but I hope it lasts a long time to make it worth it.
IMG_3224My new best friend. ThredUp. Another beautifully presented package. This site is an online consignment store that only accepts high-quality clothing. I received over $400 worth of items for $100. The pants were from Victoria’s Secret (sooo wonderful), Gap, and J.Crew, while the shirts ranged from Express to Vera Wang. Only 2/5 shirts worked, but the pants made the entire experience worth it. It’s not a fool-proof method since I did have to hem each pair of pants, but I wouldn’t have been able to find that good of a deal anywhere else. I’ve sent my own items in for consignment, so we’ll see how that goes.IMG_3225
IMG_3236Target Beauty Box. This was horribly frustrating because it took about 3 months to ship. The theory is that Target will put together a box of goodies for $5. Luckily, I knew what was in this beforehand, and the Venus razor ($9) and Sally Hanson nail strips ($9) would make it worth it since I purchase each on a regular basis. I just tried the L’Oreal BB Cream (standard size is $11) and it might be my new favorite thing, but I need to do one more day of testing as I think it might have had a metallic smell (it was either the BB cream or a face lotion sample). Beware, ordering nail strips isn’t a good idea as they always send the ugly ones that they have excess of. I also probably wouldn’t purchase the Fekkai Glossing cream ($25!) but it does smell wonderful and I will use the whole thing. Overall, I would probably try another box one more time to see if they figured out their shipping.
IMG_3244BarkBox.com, Gracie and I do love you, but it’s so hard to wait until the last week of the month for you. I wish you weren’t in NY. Gracie got her bone right in time for her birthday at least.

IMG_3274As we’re discussing beautiful packing…what is wrong with you Maurices.com??? This ball of hideousness is $150 worth of clothing! They typically send things in a pretty blue bag, but why not try a box? I understand that this is cheaper, but their standard price on shipping is about $6, so I’m pretty sure that more than covers their horrible shipping method of USPS SurePost (i.e. worst method ever). I think I might be done with ordering online with them.
IMG_3275How much more cute could this little freebie get? I already loved Tampax, but now they have my undying support for their great design. Turns out I needed this for keeping a supply at work, so I couldn’t be more pleased.

Things I’m still waiting on include a wag.com shipment, a Step-Up rebate, and my stinking California Natural rebate for their epic screw-up…once again.