Saturday, May 26, 2012

Packin’ up, packin’ up, packin’ up

I don’t like packing. I think I would have a better time with it if I had at least two people that I could boss around and tell them to either clean something for me before putting it away, or take it into separate piles for Goodwill, garbage, or thrown away. It’s just all of the getting up and down and walking around that drives me crazy. I packed almost all of my kitchen and I still feel like I have gotten nowhere! At least we have plenty of boxes in great quality from my work!


We’re out of here within then next week and a half, so here’s to hoping for finding a great house sooner rather than later!

Don’t talk to strangers

We took the little girl for a walk the other day and were accosted by giant, 7-foot, beast of a dog. Or a normal-sized Golden Retriever. Grace was caught unaware and ended up with a battle wound. Luckily, I’ve spent a long time training Gracie to scream and find me. I knew she was hurt, but couldn’t find out where. After going to bed with a stuffy, she slept well, but the next morning, I found a mat of blood behind her ear. After cleaning it out with water and antiseptic wash (the kind that doesn’t sting since I didn’t want hydrogen peroxide that close to her eyes), and patted it down. It was a lot worse than I thought, so a trip to the vet was in order. Huge blessing that our favorite vet was working and gave her plenty of loving. He did a good shaving of the area so I can keep hair out of it and prescribed her Amoxicillin. I’d have liked to just take care of it at home, but like human bites, dog bites are highly infectious and I didn’t want to take and chances. I do have a cream from one of her many other injuries, but I actually decided to switch to Neosporin gel with pain reducer. Clear gels just always seem like a better idea than the cloudy one from the vet when treating an open wound.


Things seem to be going okay. The injury hasn’t bothered her the entire time, which is awesome. She’s such a trouper. A stuffy and some couch time will do wonders. Just another reason to move out of the city.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring Beauty VoxBox!

IMG_1967I don’t know that I have been as excited for many packages as much as I was for the Influenster Spring Beauty VoxBox. After applying after reading a review about the VoxBox, I didn’t think much of it, but then randomly, I received an email letting me know that I had been chosen to receive a box. The best thing about this service is that the boxes are free! There is very little out there that is as great as receiving free items. And it just so happens that all of the items that were included were ones that I love.IMG_1968

SheerCover Duo Concealer- I can’t exactly determine was the cost of this specific item is since it is sold in a month supply of 6 products + 3 extras for $29.95. All I know is that it is a wonderful item to stick in your purse and call it good! Gone is my compact of concealer and powder, to make way for a silver dollar-sized concealer. As a user of Mary Kay items, this is something that I will probably look into buying the kit of in the future.

AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Body Wash ($6.99 for full-size)- I love Aveeno. I actually didn’t know that they had a body wash out there, so I am very excited to try this out. The main reason that I use Aveeno is due to their lack of purfumeness and that the product itself is so clean. This item happens to be soap free, dye free and hypoallergenic, so it’s a great match for me.

ChapStick Lip SHIELD 365 ($1.89)- With all of the lip products out there, I find it very interesting that I have reverted back to using basic ChapStick. Cole absolutely hates everything else out there, either because it’s sticky and gross, or because it smells bad. I have to agree that I hate how sticky some of them are. When you kiss your dog as much as I do, a lot of dog hair tends to stick. And SPF 50+? That’s pretty impressive.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects ($9.99)- Definitely the item I am most excited about. I use these all the time on my toes and absolutely love them. Not only do they give a more creative look than regular polish, but for someone like me who stubs their toes all the time, they also put a great protective coat on the nail. I’ve never had them last less than 2 weeks, usually I simply decide to change them out. They are pretty expensive at 10 per pack, but when it’s a special occasion, they are definitely worth it. I wasn’t extremely happy with the design, which is a hot pink zebra, but while playing with my puppy this morning, I realized that the perfectly match her collar! Wow, talk about ridiculous excitement. I’ll be taking a picture of toes and collars soon.

Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist ($14)- This was a full-sized bottle! That is crazy! This is the item that I was least excited about since I am not a fragrance girl, but I can appreciate that it was beautiful packaging. And knowing that a large amount of people love the Moonlight Path smell, I was able to easily trade it with my coworker for 2 Essie nail colors. No doubt that Bath & Body has some great marketing running their company. From the constant deals they have to their gorgeous branding, they are an indulgence.

SOYJOY Bar ($.99)- I love SOYJOY. This was basically the perfect VoxBox for me to receive since almost every item is something that I would buy on a normal day, but they were all items that I hadn’t expanded my horizons to check out yet. SoyJoy uses real fruit and whole soy in their bars and they are a great energy bar to take on the go.

Dr. Scholl’s For Her Ball of Foot Cushions ($5)- Oddly, this is probably the only Dr. Scholl’s For Her that I don’t own! As a connoisseur of wonderful shoes, I tend to rely on these to fit shoes to my feet. I can think of a pair of too tall shoes that these would be great for since all of the weight tends to be on the ball.

To sum it up, I still can’t believe that I got chosen to receive a box and I will be doing everything possible to get them in the future!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lab Lane

IMG_1884Cole and I traveled to Nampa this weekend. The trip there took a little over 9 hours with stops in Bend, Burns, and a couple other places to let the pup out to stretch her legs. Overall, it was was great drive and the time allowed us to get a lot of talking in about our upcoming move and what our plans are. We think that we have come to some great decisions, so we will see in the next month or so how everything works out.

We went to Nampa to help build a shed for Cole’s sister, Devon, and also do some landscaping on her house. Things went great and Grace and I took a break to do go to an awesome dog park by her house. Gracie wasn’t sure how she felt about all of the different dogs and their smells, but once she found some water, she was right back in her element.


She even took some time for a great photo op! This one will definitely be printed and hung in the new house, wherever it may be!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Twins

We went to look at more houses yesterday. We had slightly high hopes given that the areas were what we were looking for. The first house we looked out wasn’t bad, but the owner followed us around the entire time, telling us what was special about the house, what he had done illegally, and so on. The next house was too close to the road for me, but I pushed on when this lovely horse came to greet Cole while he opened the gate.


But then we went inside a house that was supposed to be vacant. But there were radios playing in the rooms…and so much furniture you could hardly see the house…and about 15 dog kennels. The only thing that kept me from freaking out was the fact that the dog kennel area looked clean and well taken care of, so I didn’t have any flashes of mistreatment.

IMG_1882 IMG_1879

But then there was this. Our realtor and I both agreed that the vibe was slightly terrifying.


Upon arriving home and looking online, we realized why.


The Shining and The Ring. Enough said.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Scuba Dunking

I get such a kick out of this little girl. We’ve had some updates in our housing search, like the fact that the neighbor behind us broke up with his girlfriend. Oh yes, so sad. Lucky for us, this means that the terrible dog owner that she was is no longer impacting our everyday lives. Since she was unable to care enough to train her German Shepherd, we had the joy of hearing it bark for all hours of the night. So sad to no longer deal with an irresponsible dog owner.

We are now wondering about our decision to sell our house since we aren't experiencing barking dogs keeping us up at night. I decided to make a video of some of our other neighbors to help us keep firm to our decision. None of the others are bad, and it does give us a large amount of humor on most days, but when all you want to do is relax in your yard, the yelling at children can get tiring.

While I am still gathering clips, I did catch my little girl in all of her fishing greatness. She is definitely fishing for very important things, at least I am sure that’s what she’s convinced herself of when she spends so long staring it down.

She then takes a big dunk to gather it up,

And runs out into the yard to roll all of the water off into the lawn.

I spend my summer doing this. I am definitely going to miss it.

More house walk-throughs tomorrow!

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Clean-up

IMG_1818We’ve started getting things ready to move. I thought that I kept a relatively clean house, but as I am starting to pack, I wonder why I have so much stuff!!! I’ve completed one room and am already worn out. I don’t even want to think about how much work it’s going to take to pack up my kitchen. I have a gadget for just about everything you could imagine. I’ve been in a funk lately with refusing to buy groceries under the argument that we are trying to save money. It comes down more to the fact that I don’t want to pack up anything more than I have to, so I want to use up every single canned food item and box of who knows what that we have. I’ve been making my way through the freezer of meat and have probably run out of items that make sense. Ground chicken enchiladas anyone? Eww. I don’t think Cole is very happy with the turn that our food consumption has taken either. He’ll probably loose 10 pounds before we get into a new house.

Speaking of new houses…we don’t have one. There’s nothing out there right now with land, a nice house, privacy, and at a good price. I wouldn’t even be pushy about the nice house! If it had potential, we could work with it. We both also have the home with 70 acres in the back of our mind, but we might be waiting a year for it to come down to a manageable price. We’ll just be sticking to the apartment life until something comes up.

Grace doesn’t seem overly concerned with the happenings around the house. The birds have been keeping her busy with their taunting. She had one cornered in the wood shed but it escaped. As you can see, we are also getting rid of random junk around the house, like 12 tires that I am positive Cole felt he needed to keep at one time for some reason…

   IMG_1808  IMG_1782

So, since I don’t want to buy groceries, we end up having a bonfire and roasting marshmallows. Good times. :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Who lived there?!

We went to look at houses yesterday. When we did this about 5 years ago, I remember it being a somewhat exciting experience where we went through all of the different things that we could do to houses to make it ours. We looked at a range between some fixers and then ones that could just fit a shop and we would work around the house. We ended up finding the most perfect house for us that fit a shop, was made for our pup, and the inside could easily be made wonderful. After 5 years, we love our house, but have grown out of the neighborhood.

We’re on the search again, this time our purpose is to find something with land, privacy, and the area around it MUST look like it’s not going to the pooper in 5 years (like say they build cheap, beater homes directly behind your nice one…). Anyway, it was slightly traumatic.

IMG_1750We started out with a house that there is no way we could afford, but with the market now, we wanted to know if we should jump on it if the price was to ever be cut in half. It was the most incredible land that we could ever hope to own.

70 acres that is only 10 minutes from town, but so incredibly secluded that you would never know. It’s also surrounded by custom houses, so you can hope that the neighborhood won’t soon get neighbors that scream obscenities at their children at all hours. But…the house was custom-built in the 70’s and I could not make sense of a single thing in the layout. I could easy develop plans for a change, but it would come down to moving the kitchen to the other side of the house, turning the garage into a master bedroom with bathroom and closet, moving the stairs, cutting out half of the roof…and so on. Obviously not feasible unless you are getting the house for free. Cole was not impressed with my plans. There were accusations being thrown around of being unrealistic.

That house stays on the watch list to see if they will split up partials of the land, but it’s doubtful. It was on to the next 2 houses, which were unremarkable and led to many discussions about the legality of “trailer tipping.” We like to think that while we make our realtors’ job difficult, she gets a day filled with laughs.


The next two houses did make me slightly afraid for my life. The first one wasn’t bad, but once you got past a great living, dining, family room, and kitchen, that’s where it stopped making sense. I don’t remember much as I zoned out when I couldn’t tell what was a hallway and what was a bedroom. Not good. The house right next to this one was 4500 sq. feet of pure terror. The signs all over that warned of squatters should have been enough, but we gave ourselves entirely too much credit thinking that we could turn around anything. There is no turning around stairs in the middle of a living room, or a basement that has been split into rooms that made you truly wonder what the vision was. Cole showed a little worry at one point when he opened a door and there was a good possibility that he could plummet to his death in a pit of who knows what. In the middle of the house. Did I mention there was a crop circle in front of the house? Terrifying.

IMG_1772The last house we had lovingly named the “raccoon house.” This is due to the fact that it had been abandoned and there were rumored to be creatures living inside. There is no doubt about that, but they actually weren’t living as the dead bird in the middle of the living room proved. We did remove it and throw it outside as a courtesy to others not seeing maggots. There are a lot more pictures of this house because the only way that I would go around a corner was to use the camera flash first, look at the picture, and then deem if it was safe. I accidently deleted the picture, but when we got home and looked, one of the bathrooms had decapitated Barbie dolls on the counter. Reassuring.

IMG_1769Also reassuring? The spray painted “Trap” warning on the wall leading back towards the bedrooms that I feel previous owners had tried to use to send a warning to all hoping to turn the house around that it was somehow a very unsound investment. Be that because of the rats, mice, raccoons, birds, or ghosts, who knows! So thank you previous owners; message received.

Cole decided to check and see if we could demolish the entire interior and use the floor, walls, and ceiling, but abandoned his search when there was something in the ceiling-space that he could not identify.


June 8th is looming awfully close for a move-out date! We had better get some nice weather soon so I can fully appreciate my backyard before we are sent to apartment-life as the search continues.