Sunday, April 29, 2012

April BarkBox

This was definitely our favorite BarkBox so far. The theme this month was “all-natural.” They geared towards living the outdoor lifestyle this summer with promoting getting your pup outside on walks and fun.


Little Eatz are are bag of cookies that can be consumed by pup or human! I think I’m going to leave it to Grace to eat them, but the thought it nice.

K-10+ is a multi-vitamin powder that can be mixed in their water, much like what we use to flavor our waters. Grace takes Super Q10, so I probably won’t put her on this yet, but I might make some flavored ice cubes from it.

Eco Dog Planet are some great poopy bags made from…tapioca-based material! Crazy! They aren’t our pink bags, but we like them.

Barkworthies are bully sticks featured in the last picture of Grace running away with one. She loved it and didn’t have any problems after it.
My favorite- Freezy Pups! I am loving that they are putting together all the things I haven’t convinced myself to buy! This bone shape ice cube tray features bone-shaped ice cubes and even came with 4 samplers! Grace tried out apple juice already and we love it so much. Definitely the thing we liked most.

There was also a great (and actually well-sized) t-shirt for me with BarkBox on it. What an awesome addition! We’re loving it and will have to keep this going for the next six months, that’s for sure! If you’re interested, enter the code ASJUN009 for $5 your order.

We’re off to look at houses tomorrow, considering that we kinda accidently sold our house out from under ourselves in 4 days…it’s all about pricing it right and being willing to admit that you are definitely not going to get back what you bought it for! On to new and exciting things!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday at the Lake

Cole had to do something at a friend’s house today- who just happens to live on the lake- so Grace and I went along for the ride. For our second beautiful day of the year so far, we’re making pretty good progress on getting out and about!

A Beautiful Day for a Party!

Today was the perfect day to kick off the start of summer with a party for my friends. As part of my Silk House Parties, I put together a gathering with a few of my good friends in town.

We enjoyed a taste-test of 4 different Silk smoothies,IMG_1712

Followed by lunch outside in the yard.


Silk smoothies, asparagus strata, cinnamon swirl bread, ham & cream cheese rollups, chicken salad, and a pear salad made for a great time.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Saturday Ride

We took the pup out in her sidecar today for a ride around the country. Smile

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The papers are signed

We’ve officially put our house up for sale! After deciding two weeks ago that we were ready for a change, we’ve cleaned, repaired, and taken photos of every inch of our house. *Hoping that it sells,* we’re definitely going to miss it, but bring on the new projects!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Silk Marvelous Mornings

IMG_1581I have to admit that I have a dairy problem. It’s a two-phase problem that involves my obsession with cheese and ice cream, and then evolves to remembering that I have a slight lactose intolerance and should not be consuming dairy. But it’s been about 10 years and I figure that I’ve worked up a nice habit at this time and I’d be sad to lose my routine. Anyway, this all ties back to the fact that I do drink Silk every day, normally in the form of a smoothie with a frozen banana and honey. So good.

Through party-connections, I was chosen to host a Silk Marvelous Mornings party to premier their new fruit blends. This means that they send a wonderful party kit that I was very excited to receive last week. I’ve scheduled my party for April 22 and will update around then with the results!


Process on the Jeep

Gracie and I’s ride is making good strides to be ready for summer!


April Fool’s!

Brooklyn and Cayden decided to play some jokes on Uncle Cole to celebration April 1.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What’s in our March BarkBox?

Gracie and I are loving her BarkBox subscription! I decided 2 months ago that a monthly subscription would be a worthwhile investment to try out for 6 months and decide if we like it. Well, we’re loving it! Here’s the original post I did about it on another blog:
IMG_1548After a recent financial agreement between Coal and I, Gracie and I now have the means to reward ourselves frivolously once a month. :) With much deliberation between various monthly subscription services out there, we decided on BarkBox…and we are loving it! We just received our second box, and the goodies just keep getting better. Since this is the month of love-and also pet dental month-the goodies were geared towards both. Our box is pretty enough with BarkBox stamped on it, but then it is packaged even better with tissue paper and personalized notes. Gracie received organic cookies (which we always love), pet dental wipes (in case you’re not a brusher, which Grace is), a wooly heart toy to help polish teeth, a yellow BarkBox collar to identify BB friends, and our favorite- a moose antler!!! A moose antler you say? Why yes! A naturally shed antler from wild moose in Maine!!! If you’ve seen Gracie’s deer antlers, you know that she absolutely loves them. With organic, free-range, and cruelty-free stamped all over everything, there’s no better treat for us than our BarkBox! :)

IMG_1550She’s loving the huge variety of items that are included each month and that everything is totally different. An added benefit is that the people at BarkBox are now doing blog features on each item in the box to tell subscribers about secrets and tips to using each item. From their blog post today, I found out that the lime green ball can be used to put treats in (which I figured out myself, but didn’t want to try because Gracie would destroy it), and also to put full tennis balls in! Now tennis balls I can work with since Gracie never got into the habit of destroying those. Here’s what was included in the March BarkBox:
Nature’s Miracle Pet Bath Wipes- I haven’t used these yet and wasn’t extremely excited about them, but after reading a feature about them on their blog, I can completely understand why they would include them! After giving a helpful hint to use them on your dog’s underbelly after walking in the rain, I’m going to have to try it out after our walk today (in which it rained for 1 of the 60 days it occurs each year).
Bing’s Barkin’ Bakery- We never turn down BarkBox cookies as they are always healthy!
Petprojekt Holobal- This is the lime green toy I mentioned that we’re going to try a tennis ball in. Very excited!
Himalayan Dog Chew- I have to admit that this was gone pretty fast. I tend to give Gracie chews when I’ve worked all day and don’t want to play all night. This doesn’t happen often as she has so many sensitivities, but I haven’t had any problems with the ones includes in our orders. I am disappointed that I found out too late from BarkBox’s Facebook page that you can apparently put a small chunk in the microwave?? Not sure what that was about, but it sounded awesome!
Large dogs often get the shaft in the pamper department since more is developed for small dogs, so it’s such a relief that BarkBox asks the size of your dog and actually works with it! Can’t wait for April!!!

To get $5 off your BarkBox, enter the code: ASJUN009

Throwing a best friend a baby shower

My good friend, Kimberly, recently decided to have a baby. I’m not afraid to admit that 25% of my excitement was over decorating ideas and parties this baby would have in the future. I decided to throw her a Tiffany’s theme shower as little black dresses and pearls are her thing.

Here’s how the menu worked out:

Petite Vanilla Bean Scones

Chilled Fruit Cups

Salsa Rollups

Mini Quiches

Cucumber & Cream Cheese Sandwiches

Greek Yogurt & Granola

Cookie Dough Balls


And there you have it! One very happy momma-to-be!