Thursday, February 23, 2012

Loving our BarkBox <3


After a recent financial agreement between Coal and I, Gracie and I now have the means to reward ourselves frivolously once a month. :) With much deliberation between various monthly subscription services out there, we decided on BarkBox…and we are loving it! We just received our second box, and the goodies just keep getting better. Since this is the month of love-and also pet dental month-the goodies were geared towards both. Our box is pretty enough with BarkBox stamped on it, but then it is packaged even better with tissue paper and personalized notes. Gracie received organic cookies (which we always love), pet dental wipes (in case you’re not a brusher, which Grace is), a wooly heart toy to help polish teeth, a yellow BarkBox collar to identify BB friends, and our favorite- a moose antler!!! A moose antler you say? Why yes! A naturally shed antler from wild moose in Maine!!! If you’ve seen Gracie’s deer antlers, you know that she absolutely loves them. With organic, free-range, and cruelty-free stamped all over everything, there’s no better treat for us than our BarkBox! :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Our first BarkBox!


We received our first BarkBox, and we are not disappointed!

Gracie is still figuring what it is all about, but she knew that there was something in the box that she wanted. She took straight to trying to open the box herself and tried jumping up to see what was in it while I was opening it. Pretty sure she wasn’t smelling the battery-operated massager, or paw therapy cream, but she was probably sniffing out the bully sticks (from free range cattle), organic treats, and dog food sprinkles!!!

She's been working on the bully stick for an hour so far. She's never had one before, but I think this will be a new item we will have to look into purchasing in the future. I didn’t know she would love this item so much, but she is a huge fan of the massager! She always appreciates being brushed with my hair brushes, but it turns out that the little girl loves the gentle massage of this great item. I'll have to try out the paw cream next time we go to the snow- hopefully it will mean she doesn't tear them anymore.

Overall, we are extremely happy and I’m so glad that we committed to 6 months! If you’re interested, enter the code ASJUN009 for $5 off your order.