Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Capacity of the Brain

I’ve been trying to get together the motivation to begin posting once again and I find that I’ve been trying to blame my lack of posting on our internet limits, but I think the truth is that so much has happened that I’m just too lazy to lay it all out there. I might as well start somewhere though, and I guess the beginning is the best place.

We signed the contracts on our new home on Thursday, July 12, 2012 at noon with a move-in date of that night. I broke my pelvis and tore apart my right side at 3:34 pm.
bike 2There are plenty of different causes to blame, but truthfully, I think it’s the fault of a gas station. A new gas station on the highway that decided it was a good idea to have their gas prices digitally displayed at random intervals, causing drivers to take their eyes off of the road for extended amounts of time and not see a lovely, sweet, and entirely innocent motorcycle driver who just wanted to make her way back after work to meet her husband so they could take their puppy to their new home.

I’d just given my two-week notice at my marketing/event planning job and decided to put myself through a huge trial by starting training to become a 9-1-1 dispatcher. My plans got a little messed up.
If you’ve ever read any futuristic stories, it’s commonly acknowledged that humans do not use a large majority of their brain. It’s just sitting there, wasting away. It turns out that in extreme circumstances time does slow down. It’s an incredibly uncomfortable feeling, but it feels a little like the parts of your brain that aren’t used are opened up for these situations to give you a quick-thinking outlet to prepare you to react. Hopefully this will be a great asset as a dispatcher.
In a random amount of conversations, it’s come up between paramedic Coal and I that drunks survive accidents over alert people because they are too intoxicated to react. They essentially are limp and pliable to the impact of a accident. So what should you think about in that moment when your brain goes into super-drive? Not the what-ifs or how bad it’s going to hurt, but rather just give it up and go with it. I closed my eyes, thought to myself that Coal was not going to be happy, and just relaxed. I reopened my eyes when I stopped moving.

It might not seem like I was very lucky, but I truly believe that so many different things came into play to show us how incredibly blessed we really are in our lives.

IMG_2290There is no room for decency or pridefullness when you have to ask others to hold a bedpan under you. Just be relieved it’s not a tube. Yes, I did ask people to take pictures of my injury. Yes, I did flash anyone who walked in the room. If you’re going through that kind of hardship you definitely want photographic evidence.

IMG_2334The doctor lied. You will not feel better at 8 weeks. You can probably start teaching yourself to walk again at 8 weeks, but even going on 12 weeks, you still feel like you broke your pelvis. There are scars, areas without feeling, and a good case of chronic pain. But it's not unmanageable; more like it's just plain annoying. Then it's just a waiting game until I can get back on my remodeled bike. ;)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Smart Girl

IMG_2211 Gracie now knows the route to her new house. Instant excitement. :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

That Wife Who Yells at the Umpire

Let’s just be honest (and prejudice) for a moment and admit that firefighters are slightly awesome. Don’t get me wrong, they are also predominantly egotistical, but the fact that they get to play with fire, hoses that shoot huge amounts of water, and use the jaws of life gives them some leeway on that since it is so cool. It also seems to be a profession that people who are too hyperactive for their own good tend to gravitate towards. That just makes sporting events with them even more fun!


Coal participated in the Cops vs. Firefighters softball game the other night and it was awesome!


Not only did he completely rock it for never really playing before, I was so proud to cheer him on (very loudly) from the stands.



I actually ended up moving down towards the dugout as I was yelling too energetically for others to stand me. By the way, thanks mom and dad for the years of pushing me into softball so I could explain to others what was happening. Also, I am 99% sure that I could totally kick Coal’s butt in softball. It’s extremely assuring to be better than him at certain sporting events. Softball and Volleyball…check!!! Badmitten? Probably-I did take a course of it in college after all and aced it.


Friday, June 29, 2012

We Love Bacon, Yes We Do!

The firefighters won the Young Life Olympics! After 5 hours of challenges, they came out victorious for the second year in a row!!! I feel it was in part due to the team spirit from the stands. :)







Super-Pup to the Rescue

There’s a small chance I put my dog through a lot of things she’d rather not do, but she’s just so docile and wonderful! What kind of creature do you know-human or animal-that will drink hydrogen peroxide, knowing fully what it is, just because you asked them to?! My little girl is a pro at it and has done it many times after she has eaten something poisonous. I knew she had a collar fetish, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out recently that it carried over to wearing bandanas also (here and here). I’ve since then purchased many bandanas for all occasions. :)

As it turns out, Grace does not support the wearing of shirts. My current roommate had an incredibly cute shirt made for her with her name and her daddy’s engine number. I’m not positive if it’s the shirt itself or the fact that it’s a tight muscle shirt, but she bravely stuck it out so I could get my pictures. I won’t be putting her through that again, but I’m thinking that she might like a cape made out of it…

 IMG_2134 IMG_2138 IMG_2143

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let it Burn

Life is a little confusing right now. I am not always sure what is going on, which is very unlike me. Having discontinued my smartphone to save money for the new house, I no longer have a calendar at my fingertips. This, along with being unable to automatically upload photos to Facebook, has been the only reason I have missed the giant extension of my hand. I don’t miss the lack of internet; I don’t miss autocorrect; I don’t miss email always interrupting me; I miss posting pictures of my puppy to Facebook all day long. Anyway, since I am not as connected to my schedule anymore, I had no idea that Coal had so many activities going on this week! Tuesday night was a Young Life dinner in preparation for Young Life Olympics, which is tonight. Now you know just about as much as I did going into it. Young Life is an organization for high school students that is founded with a few simple ideas about sharing the truth of God’s love with adolescents. It’s a cause that 10 organizations around town are asked to participate in games for, called the Olympics, that helps raise money to send students to camp. The fire department has been a part of it before, and are actually the reining champions!

563929_370998592955844_1959838037_nArriving at the dinner on Tuesday, we were greeted with teams sitting around group tables, of which I am proud to say we had the most people in attendance. After the meal (nachos) we were told that there were 10 minutes to make a team banner that would be judged and given points for. It seems that not many of Coal’s coworkers are creative…or ambitious…so Coal took charge and started organizing a really great banner. He’s a pro at flames, so I simply had to do some shading while my “roommate,” Vanessa helped add some flair. She’s an all-star cake designer, so it was right up her alley. Needless to say, the fire banner was the winner of this contest, racking in the full 60 points possible. We even got extra laughs for drawing a pig getting smacked by a slap-gel hand. 179100_371000096289027_9874918_n

I’ll try to post photos of the game tonight soon after! There’s also a softball game against the po-po’s on Tuesday!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Second Love

IMG_2128   Here she is; our new home! Her name is Rockwood and we’ve been working faithfully to get a for sale by owner agreement on this beauty and we can proudly say that it’s been approved! God’s hand was definitely at work with this one and it just showcases how right selling our house was. With an unfinished basement that is ready to be built into separate living quarters for visiting missionaries, we are ready to get our new life started with this girl! There is plenty of land for Cole to play on, Grace and I to run on, and the quiet and privacy we’ve been looking for.

IMG_2133   Grace already introduced herself to the newborn deer on the land by chasing it and in turn getting chased by the mommas. Move-in day is July 13!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Friends with Bandanas

My wonderful parents made the 5 hour trip to visit us this last weekend. We tend to see our families every couple months, but hadn’t seen my parents since February, so it was especially nice that they came to stay- even if we didn’t have a house for them or their friends to stay at. The Kruise of Klamath was happening this weekend, which is always cause for great festivities. Oddly, the weather decided to use up one of it’s 60 days per year that it’s allowed to rain.

photoWhen we moved out of our Liberty house we were very sad to leave because we had some really great neighbors across the street who owned Gracie’s best friend, MacKenzie. These two are two peas in a pod in attitudes and lack of ability to understand other dogs. Kenzie’s family watches Gracie on days that Cole and I work, so we were more than happy to take her to the car show with us while they were out of town. The girls wore bandanas to showcase their beautiful girly-ness. They didn’t mind them at all and loved all of the attention. They even had a few admirers that learned their names so they could come back each time and greet them.532687_3844804170035_843529781_n2012 0623 004IMG_2116 After an activity-filled weekend with the folks that included a car show, a tailgater, and classic cars dragging the gut, we said goodbye and were on our own on Sunday afternoon. The weather warmed up a little bit and allowed for us to check out the Klamath Kinetic Challenge. Having no idea what this was, we were extremely surprised to find out that it was awesome! As a challenge where people around town create homemade sculptures to compete in a variety of races, we were very entertained. The more crazy and kooky, the better, so it was quite the spectacle.

IMG_2114   IMG_2118 IMG_2120  IMG_2123

I’ve already applied to be a helper for next year. :)


Friday, June 22, 2012

It’s in the Eyes

We took this girl out for a night on the town for her 5th birthday. For photo purposes, I had to put her in the tutu that I got her, just so I could have evidence of how cute she is. She was not a big fan of having something around her waist and it was a little tight, so it only stayed on for a couple minutes. Her pleading eyes were enough to make me take it off right away, but boy did she look cute.

   IMG_2107 IMG_2108

390241_2626269504300_1304721528_nShe did however LOVE her birthday girl bandana! She loves collars and is always trying to hoard them, so a bandana wasn’t that much of a stretch for her.

I’m thinking that I will need to get her some more so she can showcase them when she goes out. What a beautiful birthday girl. :)


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Caged Animal


This is the look I get every single time I pick this girl up from the puppy-sitter. She’s staying with her BFF, MacKenzine, when we both have to work, and she likes to tell me what is what while I open the door for her. She then sits in the back and just stares at me. Her normal behavior is to stick her entire face out the window- regardless of weather. But when she comes home from Kenzie’s, it’s all about the death stare. No love for her mom.

On another note- today is her 5th birthday, so we will be celebrating in style!


Sally Hansen Salon Effects

SallyHansenLove4 I recently received a complimentary sample of Sally Hansen Salon Effects in my Influenster VoxBox. I was already a fan from having used them a few times on my toes, but was so excited to use them again. These strips are slightly expensive at about $10 per set, but as they come with 16 strips, I have just used one of the two packs included and have gotten at least all 10 nails or toes. That means that I can usually get 2 applications out of each set, which helps me to reason the cost. I have made the mistake of opening the second pack and not using all of the strips, which then causes them to air out and be unusable. Care is needed when applying these to make sure that they don’t tear, but overall, I love the variety that they offer and I am always checking out which new designs they bring out for various holidays.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

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Nothing feels or wears like real nail polish. Now Sally makes it easy to get Salon Effects anytime, any place using real nail polish – with no dry time! Don’t settle for plastic imitations that peel off. We’re the real thing. Just peel, apply & file! Learn more at www.sallyhansen.com

  • No dry time
  • Lasts up to 10 days
  • Removes easily with nail polish remover
  • 40 must-have styles
Where to Buy

Available at chain drug stores, food stores and mass merchandisers nationally.

Suggested Retail Price: $9.99

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Target Summer Beauty Bag

IMG_2088 It seems to be a week of fun stuff for me! Target recently jumped on the bandwagon with goodie bags/boxes and launched a Summer Beauty Bag. Lucky for me, and a coworker I shared the news with, I was able to grab one off their Facebook app before they were gone. My first impression when opening this box was that something smelled good! I’m still thinking this as I sit here 30 minutes later and have yet to check out which specific item it is…ah ha, it’s the lip butter! That would not have been my first thought as the bag has some great hair products in it, but good work, Revlon! Here’s the breakdown of the goods that were packed into a super cute ‘contents by Allegro’ bag:

Garnier Fructis Color Shield shampoo and conditioner samples. I do love Garnier, but I absolutely hate the envelope packaging for liquid samples! Imagine that you are in the shower and decide to try it out…what option do you have to open the package? Oh that’s right…your teeth. Good luck, and have fun when you get a little squirt of it in your mouth from struggling so much.

TRESemme went the right route in their samples by offering an almost 3X the size travel bottle of Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner. Thank you, TRESemme, for thinking of us.

Then Aveeno decided to go the way of Garnier with their even smaller Living Color shampoo and conditioner. Oh Aveeno, if I didn’t love you so ridiculously much. I have actually been slowly switching the majority of my products to Aveeno after having a huge amount of success with their Clean Complexion daily face moisturizer. When combined with my normal dermatologist-prescribed methods, it’s been the perfect daily moisturizer. The only thing that would make it better is if it had SPF, but most make-ups do now, so it’s not that big of a deal.

Speaking of SPF, Neutrogena sent a great sized sample of my favorite sunblock, UltraSheer SPF 70. I’ve been using this sunblock for about a year now and I haven’t felt the need to try any others. It’s clean, dry, and doesn’t smell! It actually feels and seems just like lotion, so I have caught myself not needing to shower after each and every application. Now I have the perfect size to stick in my car.

On to the best smelling of the bunch-the Revlon ColorBurst lip butter. I will probably be using this tomorrow while I am out parading my pup around for her birthday. I received Peach Parfait, and it definitely smells like just that! The sample size is probably only good for one round, but it will probably be enough to convince me to buy it or not!

Last, but not least, Target supplied a coupon book with $1-$2 off coupons for the brands mentioned and other similar ones. If I had a Target closer than 90 miles, I would probably be taking advantage, but since they expire in August, we’ll see if I make it over there! Overall, a good haul!

Gimme My Goodies!

IMG_2086 I just can’t rave enough about BarkBox! If it wasn’t my life ambition to meet Cesar Millan, the wondercrew behind BarkBox would be at the top of my list. These people know dogs!!! Not only do they know dogs, but they obviously love them. This means that every box is created with dedication and care to bring my pup the latest and greatest in the dog-world. We received our box Monday, June 18, which is great because they are apparently sending her a birthday gift for her Thursday, June 21 special day.

Gracie gets so excited every time this box comes around. Since we are between homes, I had to ship it to work, which gave me extra time to open it and appreciate the goods before my little girl had at it!

June features:

A Soggy Paws dog towel that I am loving! Once again, they have hit on an item of interest for me that I haven’t caved by buying yet. Not only is this towel super-absorbent, but it has pockets to put yours hands into so you can dry your pup even easier. Who would have thought?! Grace and I tried it out on her dry fur last night and she was a big fan of the ear rubs it allowed.

IMG_2080Tumbleweed & Eddie’s Double Nut Super Boost treats, which are grain-free and packed with superfoods. As certified ‘greenies,’ Gracie and I are always looking for the next way to pack in the superfoods.

Let’s just take a second to truly appreciate how awesome this next item is…Gimme Gummy is a safe, durable, fillable, and wonderful toy that can be packed with goods, stuck in the freezer, or get this…BAKED! Yes, it’s true; safemade has a recipe section on their website to find all sorts of goodies that can be baked right into this toy and then left with your pup to occupy their time. I might try getting the ingredients together for a cake this weekend while grandma and grandpa are visiting.

Mr. Barksmiths brings another favorite for us-a frozen smoothie! All-natural and made in the USA, this frozen treat will give Gracie a great time, while also cooling her down.

Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried food is a first. I can’t say that I have ever thought/know about this, but it’s all-natural and promotes a raw diet, so we’re all for trying it out. An added bonus: they also included a $2 off coupon which I wasn’t extremely excited about because it has to be used in-store and I was very doubtful there would be one close by. After looking up local retailers, it turns out that they stock Stella & Chewy at my local Grange Co-op, which is the only place I buy Gracie’s food. And if they have it in this town, there’s no doubt that it’s widely available in other places.

Overall, we are two very happy girls with the stock this month and I really hope that they come through with Gracie’s birthday present! We’re going to dip into our strained money-saving funds and definitely sign up for another 6 months. :) If you’re interested, enter the code ASJUN009 for $5 off your order.